Evening Prayer - online


Are you a choir conductor or have a leading position in your choir?

During the pandemic we had to gather together from home. 
This was the last one in 2021? 

What do we do with all of our dreams when we open up?
Is there a risk of doing too much? How do you stay focused?
How can we find strength in God and each other?

Marvin Winans (US)
(Singer, gospel pioneer, pastor at Perfecting Church, Detroit)   
Bazil Meade (UK) 
(Founder and Director of London Community Gospel Choir)
Jason Max Ferdinand (US)
(Director of Jason Max Ferdinand Singers and the Aeolians of Oakwood University) 
Shin Ikesue (JP)
(Founder and Director of Tokyo Mass Choir)
Ragnhild Hiis Ånestad (NO)
(Founder and Director of Oslo Soul Children)

Gospel Music and the Choir has always been a place to connect, to rejoice, to find strength and to grow.
Both as a singer and leader. Here you are welcome to communicate, to share and to encourage each other.

Tuesday, June 15, 20.00 - 21.15 (Central European Time)
19.50 The Zoom room is open
20.00 Welcome, Jonas Engström & Mikaela Häger
20.10 Our guests:
Marvin Winans
Bazil Meade
Jason Max Ferdinand
Shin Ikesue
Ragnhild Hiis Ånestad
Approx. 21.15 Finish

/Jonas Engström, Soulful Music
Mikael Häger, Svenska Gospelverkstaden

In association with Sensus studieförbund

We've had leaders from all over Europe attending (so far from Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Finland, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland).

Please don't heistate to contact us on info@soulfulmusic.se if you have any further questions.