Jonas Engström

Choral conductor, lecturer, songwriter and gospel pioneer.

A curious and determined choral conductor who writes songs where they are missing, for a concert, worship service or record. Nominated for Utbult Scholarship 2019 for the new album "Small songs about big words" (in Swedish).  Jonas primarily derives his inspiration from African-American gospel music and Swedish choral tradition, but is constantly seeking new ways of expressing and collaborating in other genres. Always with the choir in the center. Both as an instrument and a growing place.

Through his work with the Stockholm Gospel Choir Festival and several trips to the gospel's homeland, USA, Jonas has gained a great deal of experience and deep understanding of the gospel music and its tradition. With a focus on interaction and participation, Jonas is an esteemed and often hired choir and gospel instructor. Both at choral workshops, concerts and corporate events.

In 1994, the first gospel line in Sweden was started at Glimåkra Folk High School with Jonas as pianist. During the years in Stockholm, Jonas was the Music Director for the Credo Choir and project manager for the Stockholm Gospel. A varied and challenging job with regular trips to the USA and contact with colleagues at Gospel festivals around Europe. In 2009, Jonas was involved in planning and conducting the first European Gospel Music Symposium in Krakow.

Jonas is passionate about spreading and developing choral music and sat on the board of the Swedish Choral Society in 2012-2016. At the moment, Jonas is involved in inspiration days around "The Choir as a Growing Place" around Sweden. After the years in Stockholm, the move went home to Skåne and in the spring of 2016 "Gospelfest on Malmö Live" was organized for the first time in the then completely new concert hall.

The work as editor of Gospel Start Publishing includes searching for, adapting and finding ways to distribute gospel songs for choirs in English and Swedish, for children / youth choir and adult choir. With the One Nation choir that Jonas started in 2006, there is plenty of room to explore the choir's unique opportunities to encourage, challenge and for new meetings and interaction with audiences, other singers and musicians.